Monday, March 23, 2009

The War On Tim Geithner, Whats The Real Reason ?

It has been going on for weeks, the first i heard of the chant for his head was from the morning zoo on MSNBC with Scarborough and Buchannon both calling for his head, no real reason given, just a general smear, he worked at the NY Fed so it's is fault, with no explanation given of what he did, he just "oversaw" the fraud. Crap and propaganda, and nothing more, and argument with no meat, and a lot of froth, fairly well united from the MSM, which in large part receives it's editorial cues from the CFR, who are all mobbed up with yep, you guessed it the, the rich Jewish families who own the Fed. I hope the idiot libertarians who listen to bullshit from Ziocon clowns like Rush Limbaugh and Alex Jones are paying attention.
I voted for President Obama, and he voted for Tim Geithner. He is in a better position to judge Mr. Geithner than i am.