Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Florida Tomato Mafia Crushes Labor With Bio-Warfare

The battle to keep the "ugly tomato" UglyRipe, off the market by the Florida Tomato Mafia (aka "Comittee") was a long, hard-fought battle but the growers of this heirloom tomato won the battle to get it shipped to customers nationwide.
More recently, more alarming news came from the tomato fields of Florida: slavery. Workers are held in "involuntary servitude" through threats and actual violence against them and their families and kept in a system of "perpetually accruing debt," in which they are overcharged for housing, food, water and transportation, said Collier County Detective Charlie Frost testified before the Democratic members of the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pension Committee.
Mary Bauer, director of the Immigrant Justice Project at the Southern Poverty Law Center, said there is "rampant abuse" of state and federal wage and hour laws in the payment of farm workers and little enforcement. Growers representative, Reginald L. Brown, executive vice president of the Florida Tomato Growers Exchange, defends the employment practices, arguing that "if workers were being exploited they would not return voluntarily year after year to work in Florida's tomato fields" and claim that the average worker makes fourteen dollars an hour, a highly disputed figure.
Perhaps the most bizarre finding was the refusal of growers to honor an agreement between workers and fast food chains for a a penny a pound extra. Yes, for each pound these 'slaves' picked and toted they were to get a mere penny extra from fast food companies but the growers refused to pay the workers this wage.

Sadly, no one will be buying tomatoes now due to a salmonella outbreak. Well, thats one way to maintain slavery, starve the opposition to death.

http://www.palmbeachpost.com/state/content/state/e ...
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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Clinton, Cocaine, and an airstrip in Mena Arkansas

Just a reminder of the new day. Had we had the ability to share information like we do now when Bill Clinton first ran for office our country would have been spared a lot of nonsense. With probably the longest list of dead political enemy's in the country, it is obvious the Clintons have had a free hand in this country for far too long.
Perhaps some day we will see i real investigation into Bill Clinton's role as drug money launderer while serving as Arkansas govenor. I just banged this out so i could put the headline on the internet. If you want the back story on this there is a veritable cornucopia of evidence and documentaries posted on YouTube, but hurry before Joe Lieberman manages to get em censored...

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

The Great Obstructionist - Tom Daschle for VP

Know this my friends, our country would be in much worse shape today had Mr. Daschle not been sitting in the senate when Dubya took office. The GOP made it a national campaign soliciting funds for his opponent, that empty suit John Thune, and ran a massive full court press to unseat him, which they barely succeeded in doing. While he was in the senate he fought hard for all of us every day, fought to thwart Bush's destructive policies, and the GOP brought their entire massive machine to bear to unseat him for being an "obstructionist" because, with free reign we all know Duya's plans for us are whats best, proof's in the puddin. I whole heartedly endorse Tom Daschle for VP as Obama's running mate. And Mr. Daschle, if by some fluke word of this posting gets back to you let me say thank you sir for your service to this country.
Obama/Daschle 08

The Fallacy Of Hillary Clinton's Campaign Inertia

The talking heads and wonks who all season have been echoing the Clinton talking points are today using inertia as justification for her to remain on the campaign trail. So, since she has been on a downward trajectory what will be required to stop her?
The notion that she is campaigning still because she has been and it takes a while to slow down, as though they were describing an oil tanker just doesn't make any sense at all. It is a completely bogus rationale. Her desperate cling to the process at this point only serves to make one recall her references to assassination, that even though she has lost..LOST LOST LOST she keeps hanging out, inviting or perhaps simply hoping for treachery or tragedy to befall Mr. Obama. I see nothing noble or honorable in it. Quite the opposite, it makes Clinton look as slimy and clutching as one can get, behavior one would never expect to see from someone who by some was considered a serious contender for our nations highest office.
So, as the party loyalists all have been shifting to the winner, Barack Obama after the final primary contests, leaving Clinton and her camp looking completely politically tone deaf and disconnected from reality all i can think is, where ever Clinton's inertia is taking her i just hope it is off the damn stage. Her campaign is like a manic depressive off their meds, a largely creepy and unfathomable affair.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

The Dream No Longer Deferred - Barack Obama Wins Presidential Nomination

"Change" the man said, and change it will be. Barack Obama at this writing is 14 delegates away from clinching the position of nominee of the democratic party. MSNBC's Chuck Todd predicts a minimum of 15 delegates from those two contests to go to Obama.
At this writing it is about 3 hrs from the first poll closing.
Would Hillary float?

Monday, June 02, 2008

Clinton Campaign Hits The Wall, Leaves Oily Stain...

If Clinton surrogate Andrea Mitchell says it I take it as gospel. Reportedly confirmed by the Icky one, the symbolism of ending Shillary's campaign where it began blah blah blah....as the grimiest Clintonian sleaze to date finally comes out in the MSM, Vanity Fair's well crafted peek at the human cess-pool that is the Bill Clinton road show...
Does this mean we wil be safe from these invidious trade deals like CAFTA?? We will see, and with Clinton's fadeout i am a little more optomistic.