Saturday, May 31, 2008

Harold Ickies Fails Hillary Clinton At DNC Delegate Brewhaha

Looking whipped, Harold Ickies made a last desperate attempt to award the entire state of Michigan to Hillary Clinton. Ickies, who helped set the rules that stripped FL and MI of their delegates to begin with comes off looking petulant and whiney, even going so far as to try and bully the vote suggesting a challenge at the credentials committee in Denver. Ultimately, he was soundly rebuked, loosing the vote 16-8 in favor of a delegate split that gave only a slight, and ultimately meaningless lead in MI and FL to Clinton, given Obama's current overall lead and expected victories in the upcoming races.

Father Michael Pfleger, Spot On About Clinton & Funny As Hell

The first time i say this video i couldnt hold back a little chuckle, on the 4th viewing, with crypto-Zionist Sean Hannity shrilly wailing about it I was practically rolling on the floor laughing out loud. With the Zio-Cons making a wild fuss over their chosen one Hitlery seeming to fade into irrelevance, with nobody hoping or any longer holding out hope(and a hidden dagger) for a VP slot for her, the noise and outrage the CFR controlled MSM is trying to manufacture over Father Michael Pfleger and pin on Barack Obama is have to catch some Fox "news" coverage of this story, totally i write this Laura Ingram is on Bill OReally telling folks not to buy Scott Mclellan's book...funny as hell.. and so is this video, and dead on the mark as well..see for your self.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Lieberman Effect, Protecting WWII Revisionism - Censorship Hits YouTube

My exploration into the topic of Zionism, prompted by the media's outcry about Rev. Wright, condemning him as a racist over his comments condemning Zionism, led me to a set of posts thoughtfully exploring Zionist influences shaping the events during WWII, and American and international Zionist collaboration with Adolf Hitler leading up to and during WWII. Also, this person assembled little think pieces exposing modern crypto-zionist neo-nazis. Very well crafted, with good music tracks laid over the video pieces assembled by this YouTube poster who used the handle "KosherNazis"...
Well, "this users account has been suspended" is what you will find now if you go to YouTube to get a peek now.
Is not this the rottenest pile of shit you have ever heard in your life? This happening in the same week as the report is still floating in the news that Lieberman still plans on going partying with Zio-psycho Ron Hagee who said it was God who sent Hitler, and not really some psycho Zionist bankers.... No, this aint right at all i say...

Friday, May 23, 2008

Hillary Clinton blows the 'Assasinate Obama' dog whistle

Clinton lets her racist psycho followers know that she is counting on one of them, likely with a bullet, to secure for her the democratic nomination by eliminating the competition...
(from the Huffpost)

Hillary Clinton's argument for staying in the race took a disturbing turn today. While meeting with the editorial board of South Dakota's Sioux Falls Argus-Leader, she raised the specter of Obama's assassination as a reason to stay in the race:
"My husband did not wrap up the nomination in 1992 until he won the California primary somewhere in the middle of June, right? We all remember Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in June in California. I don't understand it."

Hillary Clinton is a filthy fucking whore. The most despicable person in American political office..ok, a little hyperbole, but she's right up there, and working hard for that #1 cockroach slot...the Kennedy remark may have put her in the running...Olberman punctuates this sentiment more eloquently than I...

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Keith Olbermann gives a Special Comment on President Bush’s recent Politico interview

Mr. Olbermann is the most honest man on television. Take a minute and watch this.

The Hillary Clinton Energy Independence Plan? Corporate Welfare, American Slavery

Bill Clinton doesn’t get it. I saw a short clip of him on the stump blathering on about his family freakshow… He was lying to the American people, trying to rally the people behind his notion that a massive federal investment to rebuild the national energy grid is the path to energy independence. Talk about polishing a turd, or advancing a fraud, or however you want to put it. What Bill Clinton is describing is an investment in fascism. If the federal government has a role in this, if anything it ought to be in the realm of encouraging investment in residential photo-voltaic systems, and regulations requiring utility companies upgrade their equipment to facilitate citizens being able to sell back to the grid surplus energy generated during peak hours, not worrying about a giant national energy grid to provide transmission lines to giant oil pirate corporation owned wind farms. Just hearing the suggestion made me want to hurl my coffee cup at my TV, but then I wouldn’t be able to keep up with what the enemies of independence are up to…
Just another reason why fascist Hillary Clinton shouldn’t ever have the executive pen in her hand.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Jewish American Traitors Manipulate Digg On Behalf Of Israeli Interests

I ran across a link to a blog post while manipulating Digg on behalf of the Ron Paul campaign, dated July 4th 2007 entitled ‘Ron Paul Morons Manipulating Digg’
Now here’s the irony of this whole thing. This ‘Jammie’ blog as far as I can tell is a Zionist rats nest created to post misinformation such as the nonsense referenced by the above title. The hypocracy is staggering.
The source of the bias is clear to those who have researched the topic, and if not I recommend reading up on ‘Little Green Footballs’, and ‘Pajamas Media’.Little Green Footballs is an anti-American radical Zionist Jew racist hate site, and Pajamas Media is a spin-off media organization.
Pajamas Media Board members include many prominent bloggers and journalists, including "Instapundit" Glenn Reynolds, CNBC's Larry Kudlow, Michael Barone of U.S. News & World Report, David Corn of The Nation and Claudia Rosett (who helped break the United Nations' "Oil for Food" controversy).
Now postulating that regular Americans, with no regular cable TV shows, or columns in major national publications are somehow guilty of somehow attempting to manipulate public opinion by actively participating in Digg and posting up articles that address issues about which they are passionate is the height of insincerity. Especially considering the anti-American agenda of the Zionist ‘Little Green Football’ lizards. (lizards, a term of derision used to refer to Zionists, which they have oddly embraced as their own)
American and foreign Zionists aggressively and actively work, in concert, to manipulate public opinion through the internet, using a wide variety of largely dishonest methods, as their true agenda real patriot Americans would find antithetical. So, these people with national media connections neither you nor I share accuse regular Americans of doing what they are in fact guilty of. It is such a concerted movement they actually use special internet applications designed to help artificially shape public perception by artificially elevating their treasonous perspectives. An example of one method they use is referenced by a previous post:
So, my intent in this post is to have a counterbalance from a patriot who cares about America to add balance to the discord and nonsense created by blog posts like the Ron Paul hit piece.
Don’t Tread On Me

Why New Yorkers Should Recall Senator Hillary Clinton From Office

I read the headline for WaPo's E.J. Dionne's post "Post-Crucible Clinton" and the front page headline that reads: Alienate or Bust
Dionne: Clinton can keep fighting, or she can become a powerful figure within her party. She cannot do both.
I didnt bother to read the article. Straussian nonsense i am sure. I know all i need to about Hillary Clinton, and some WaPo wonk cant spin away reality that easily.
The notion that Hillary Clinton should emerge with greater stature from this campaign than she started with is ridiculous The good citizens of New York ought to band together and petition to recall her from her senate seat. She is unfit for public office. She is a proven liar and panderer, and not just on the small stuff, she lies BIG...i never believed her for a second about CAFTA, as though her making up a story about dodging sniper fire wasn't bad enough.(which it is)Then there has been her race-baiting the whole campaign..Bill and Hillary are a national disgrace. While i could dissect point by point the specific reasons, we have all been watching this campaign. I am not inclined to accept Hillary's willful deceptions as "noble lies" for the greater good, all just part of politics. I expect better, in fact i demand better. We the people got into this mess we are in due to lack of diligence, not paying close enough attention, or allowed ourselves to be lulled to sleep b the television, but we can not afford to be disengaged any longer.
Shrillary ought to be sent packing...if she somehow manages to retain a seat in public office it will be tragic.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Unelect Senator Joe Leiberman, traitor to America

The hypocracy of Joe Leiberman talking about Iran violating Iraqi sovergnty is truly breathtaking..Leiberman is a traitor to America

Pat Buchannon Gives Andrea Mitchell Whiplash Over Clinton Begging For Withdrawal Cash

Hillary Clinton campaign surrogate Israeli spy and MSNBC talking head Andrea Mitchell, while putting out the word that Clinton will just go away for 20 mil, was stone busted by Pat Buchannon, when the sly old bastard asked mitchell if it wouldnt look bad for Clinton if it looked like she was begging, which she was doing, thru Mitchell...I got a chuckle out of it, as Buchannon knew exactly what Mitchell was doing, and checkmated her on national TV, not that he gives a shit about Obama, but i am sure he doesnt think much of "mossad spy" Hillary Clinton....

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Those Pesky Trolls Infesting The Obama Listserv

As a political rabble-rouser who has broadcast far and wide my personal discomfort with the influence AIPAC and the Council on Foreign Relations has on our national political discourse, i have come across a tool used by those who share the agenda set forth by these organizations.
This taken from the Wikipedia description:
The Megaphone desktop tool is a Microsoft Windows application distributed by the World Union of Jewish Students and other pro-Israel organizations, through the website. Released on July 19, 2006, it delivers real-time alerts about key articles, videos, blogs, and surveys to subscribers so that they can voice their opinions and work together to support Israel on the public opinion front.
According the Jerusalem Post, Amir Gissin, head of the Public Affairs Department of the Foreign Ministry of Israel, has expressed support for the tool's use. "The Foreign Ministry itself is now pushing the idea, urging supporters of Israel everywhere to become cyberspace soldiers in the new battleground for Israel's image." it reports.[1] Computing website The Register has described use of the software as "highly organised mass manipulation of technologies which are supposed to be democratising" and claimed Megaphone is "effectively a high-tech exercise in ballot-stuffing"[2]. In another poll, the BBC History magazine website "noticed an upsurge in voting on whether holocaust denial should be a criminal offence in Britain. But the closing date had already passed and the result had already been published, so the votes were invalid anyway." Stewart Purvis, former editor-in-chief of ITN, has noted that an independent panel reviewing the BBC's Israeli-Palestinian coverage received a large number of letters from North America which accused the BBC of being anti-Israeli. He states there was evidence of "pressure group involvement".[3]

How is this relevant to the Obama campaign, which the CFR has been trying furiously to dismantle? Well, as i am a furiously busy poster on many Obama listserv's as the campaign has progressed everytime i start or post to a thread it is immediately jumped on, on several different listserv's, very often by the same people, which seemed to me reminiscent of the tactic employed by the "Megaphone Mob"
I do not suggest that Megaphone is being used against Obama, i only note the similar perception management techniques being employed...

Sunday, May 04, 2008

“The Fierce Urgency Of Now” Meets "The Revolution"

I received an email, a post with a link to a video Wolf Blitzer interviewing Congressman Ron Paul, who is promoting his new book, ‘The Revolution-A Manifesto’. In this interview Mr. Paul gave a ‘least evil of the three’ nod to Senator Obama. While it may seem inconsequential to some Obama supporters I believe it to be hugely significant.
While we all watch as the CFR controlled national media try and flip the course of the democratic primary, what we aren’t being shown is the other half of the revolution. Really the only time the national media picked up on Paul’s campaign was the day he raised 4 million on-line, which was unheard of at the time, only a few months ago.
Well, guess what, Ron Paul is still a candidate for the republican nomination. If you dig for the news stories there are reports of Paul’s supporters completely overwhelming TX and NV repub caucuses. Nary a peep that Paul even exists as far as the MSM is concerned when it comes to his campaign. His supporters are literally taking back large swaths of America, putting up candidates for local office, marching, fighting the power…they are a formidable bunch, and our closest allies. As far as the national media is concerned he doesn’t have a campaign, but what he has inspired is a real passion to return America to a constitutional democracy, and I mean a fierce passion, in a large and fast growing group of patriotic Americans. I believe that the millions of Paul supporters will eventually help drive the Obama campaign to victory, as his supporters understand probably better than most what is meant by “The Fierce Urgency Of Now”