Thursday, December 02, 2004

Seperating the wheat from the chaff....

I feel like i am living in bizarro world. I am sure nothing makes the Bush administration happier than to have the media debating furiously their ridiculous funding for their backward thinking abstinence only sex education agenda. (Bush is about to light the White House Christmas tree... i hope there isnt an electrical short that barbecue's him on national TV, that would be a tragic waste of our energy resources. I am hoping for a lightning bolt to shoot out of the heavens) Very odd, the tree seems to be leaning to the right... It must be a sign from God that He supports the rape of our land for the further enrichment of the moneychangers who have assumed control of "our" government.
I found it ironic that today Bush stated that the elections will proceed in Iraq according to his schedule. I thought the Iraqi governing council was running the show over there. (thats irony, i know better...damn i am getting sick of irony)
So, America will hold a fake election, and appoint their chosen ruler to sign the oil contracts and do "our" bidding. The only suprise here is that we the people seem to forget how it has always worked out when we try and prop up a US controlled puppet government overseas. Think brutal butcher Agusto Pinochet of Chile, or even more apt, the ousted US tool, wish i could think of his name... the "Shah of Iran" who the Iranian people tossed out on his ass 25 years ago.
More to come, in the meantime i am going to try to figure out how birthcontrol pills and condom use is murder and using condoms leads to the spread of AIDS, and how masturbation leads to pregnancy outside of the bonds of wedlock.

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