Wednesday, June 04, 2008

The Great Obstructionist - Tom Daschle for VP

Know this my friends, our country would be in much worse shape today had Mr. Daschle not been sitting in the senate when Dubya took office. The GOP made it a national campaign soliciting funds for his opponent, that empty suit John Thune, and ran a massive full court press to unseat him, which they barely succeeded in doing. While he was in the senate he fought hard for all of us every day, fought to thwart Bush's destructive policies, and the GOP brought their entire massive machine to bear to unseat him for being an "obstructionist" because, with free reign we all know Duya's plans for us are whats best, proof's in the puddin. I whole heartedly endorse Tom Daschle for VP as Obama's running mate. And Mr. Daschle, if by some fluke word of this posting gets back to you let me say thank you sir for your service to this country.
Obama/Daschle 08

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