Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Chris Matthews Halts Rotation With Sledgehammer

5 minutes and 15 seconds in, must-see TV....
I am not one to dispense praise like this lightly, but i must say...
Chris Matthews is a great patriot...i saw it live, and it gave me an electric charge
rarely do you see such a spin-free moment on cable news
He cut thru the Clinton spin machine with lazerbeam accuracy, not the least concerned for pandering to anyone's feelings...honestly, the video reminds me of Obama standing with McPeak while he punked out Bill Clinton for his McCarthyite inferrance Mr Obama didnt love his country.
It kind of looked like Bill Richardson punking the Clintons by proxy, the split screen made the message pretty clear.


  1. several things got to me....
    1)Bill Richardson...while on a superbowl date with Clinton was thinking about Obama...(he he)
    2)Riveting dialogue!
    3)Chris Matthews was very sincere or he's a good actor...and finally did you see Pat Buchanan's face?!!

  2. Badass, I totally see Matthews in a new light now. FINALLY someone speaks the candid truth we are all feeling!!

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Chris Matthews rocks.
    Hillary is a liar and a bitch.

  4. Thank you Chris Matthews! It is long past time for someone to question the very basis of the Clinton campaign's response to losses (losses of primaries & caucuses, or losses of super delegate or union endorsements).

    The underlying premise of team Clinton is that the Democratic party owes the Clintons. In fact, the opposite is true.

    The Clintons owe the Democratic party. By their actions and their character they devastated this party, turing majorities in the House, the Senate, governor positions and state legislatures into minorities. They (she) set the cause of healthcare reform back for over 15 years by her heavy-handed approach. Despite this, she was rewarded with a Senate seat from a state she had no ties to, and now feels that the presidency is owed to her. Please. This Democrat is sick and tired of our party being defined by this power hungry couple whose record of growing our party and advancing our agenda is PATHETIC.

  5. The only funny line on SNL this week was during Weekend Update Seth Myers said that Clinton was so angry at Richardson, he shook his finger at reporters and said "He looked me in the face and lied to me!" And Myers says slyly....oh really? And how did that make you feel?