Saturday, March 29, 2008

Obama, Clinton And What Is Keeps It Going

If people took a macro view of this campaign, and the "lean" of the commentary and who is saying what, contrasted with the fact that in July the US promised israel 3 billion a year for the next 10 years, 1/4 of which, in an arrangement totally unique to Israel, can be spent on domestic weapon production to compete directly with U.S. manufacturers. This figure is close to 1/3rd of our total foreign aid. There is no valid humanitarian reason for this, and serves to wildly inflame the indiginous people there are systematically being ethnically cleansed from "Israeli" territory, which keeps expanding into "settlements" funded by U.S. tax dollars, and guarded by U.S. weaponry. It merely shows an obvious imbalance in the weight of voices our representatives respond to. .... as long as people are blinded by the baloney....lemme put it this way...well hell, spend a couple hours, google and wikki up the background on the topic of Zonism. I was accused of being a racist for bringing up the topic, which is just a way of silencing discussion. Zionism is a geo-political agenda, has nothing to do with ethnicity or religion, other than it was envisioned by a "ethno-religious" group as a means to a political end around 1880 at the outset of the Russian "pogoroms". All the anti-islamic rhetoric is a smokescreen, and a false enemy. This election is all about keeping that blizzard of U.S. greenbacks showering down on Tel Aviv, while the people in Gaza live out scenes from "Escape From New York". Citizens of Israel are having a more open dialogue about this than we are. If Joe Sixpack had these facts in rural America who do you think he would vote for?


  1. and your point is?

  2. i see you dont point is information dissemination. Truth is Viral