Wednesday, April 23, 2008

what is is......microtargeting your mind‏

The politics of 'fuck you' the title to link to the insanity

I remember.... Mellon-Scaife and mob, on a witch hunt to take down our President...
It made me feel like my country was filled with puritanical hypocrites... I mean,'s awful he was such a cad.. but impeachment on the national stage over a blowjob? That was just too much for us to swallow..
So... when Bill Clinton said "that depends on what the meaning of is is" for asking him under oath about what we all though was frankly none of our business, we gave him a pass...some of us even a 'thumbs-up' for the obvious 'kiss my ass' response to a investigative body questioning our president.
Fast forward to PA...April 2008....
I am appaled by reports in the media that Clinton's shifting postures, and blatant lies are seen as positives by her supporters, who view it as a sign of toughness, of being willing to do anything it takes to get the job done....
Thus is revealed the most odious legacy of the Clinton era... The abandonment of truth in favor of 'success' has become a widely accepted notion among our national body politic, by "we the people", and not just our politicians.
The Clinton's have made it ok to be a embrace the low road, to do anything to get what you want.
Us, the party of the people. This is not who we are. It is not who I am. We have been trained our whole lives to accept inferior politicians, and abandon true progressive liberal candidates like Obama for the familiar.. Just as we have been trained our whole lives to fear black people.
How do they accomplish this? They have been doing it the same way for decades, weather it is to get you to vote for a candidate who to some folks clearly do not have the interests of the people at heart, or get you to buy Pop Tarts and Ipods...
The plays they make are designed to mindfuck the American people... that ad they ran the night before PA, the strobing fear images and block letters were designed by bugs...mindgamers psycho humanity fuckers who treat manipulation of peoples emotional responses like a game...those flashing images, combined with the bold pre-marked sample ballot floating around...this is all pre-engineered by these Straussian mind gamers...
If you think Penn and his goonsquad aint workin hard for that 4 mil you are sadly mistaken.
every minute of this campaign they have pre-slotted, and a narrative pre woven, and in reality, her campaign is propped up the same way the Federal Reserve props up the constantly saying it is... if she says she is winning enough times do we suddenly doubt ourselves? Could she really be turning the tide?? hell no, but thats the narrative, and the media repeats it for reasons of their own.
Most of us are in this with all our hearts...there are some creepy marketers and social engineers in it with all their twisted little minds.
So, our response to PA....feel despondent? Sure, why not, after all Penn has it calculated for, makes it easier to sell her 'momentum' narrative today..
Or, we can know we won PA in the big sense, will take OR, NC, and more
We the people own the truth, not some shitbag PR nazi
This is not the time for fear, this is the time for patriots to shine the light of truth to cut thru the fog of lies.
The SAME interests who brought down past liberal great hopes seek to stop Obama's campaign for change.
The economic interests who think they own this country, and us, do not want change.
We must force it on them by strength of will, as they will never go willingly. 1/2 of 1% of the population now makes 50% of the money.
We must change that or we fail as a species.


  1. Luckily, some of us are watching. You do your job and we all expect those who are conscious to do the same.

    Change is Coming. Barack 08

  2. We have got to shift the paradigm now so that it will not be as difficult for the generations to come. Stay free and go Obama!