Saturday, April 05, 2008

Why Hillary Clinton Must Be Stopped

The server hosting the video seems to have been shut down temporarily...hopefully the issue will be corrected soon..a stunning video about the overthrow of the US Government by the Federal Reserve Bank.., click the title to link to RTR home page, distributor of the video., Also search Aaron Russo on You-Tube
The Reason Why Hillary Clinton Must Be Defeated.... what is driving the voices in the media pushing for her campaign to continue her scorched earth campaign, the real reason Mark Penn was in Columbia meeting with Facist Dictator Álvaro Uribe ... Their vision for the country.
If you care about the concepts that were behind the founding of this country this video is a must see. After seeing it i completely understand the huge widespread grass roots support for Ron Paul.
Watch this, and help stop the advance of facism...just watch it with the lights on. This short video, made by Aaron Russo is a startling wakeup. It's amazing where the outcry about Rev. Wright will take you....
Here is where i first ran across this video, google US has seen fit to censor it...

Google owned blogspot doesnt accept their embed code either...

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