Friday, September 05, 2008

Sarah Palin, Bad GOP Punchline And Queen Esther Du Jour

But seriously folks, why isn't Palin's membership in an Alaska separatist group not on the front page? Where is the picture of a pregnant Sarah Palin from 2007? We have all seen the pics of the preggo daughter from back then...oh, wait, shall we believe you or our lying eyes, yet she is a shameless advocate for abstinence only sex education...why isn't this stuff the only news story? Wife of a BP exec, but supposedly she is a maverick who took on the oil companies? More like took on America to steal Alaska for Royal Dutch Shell and British Petroleum.
This stuff is crazy outrageous, yet where is the reporting???
Ethnic Jew Sarah Palin has certainly galvanized the American Zionist controlled media's support for the GOP ticket. All the frothy adoration she has received for reading a speech written for her illustrates to the American people the problem not just in Washington DC, but nation wide, with the Zionist Jews monopoly of our news media.
Without the help of folks like the likudniks at El WaPo, TIME, the NYT, Fox Jews etc the lying Zionist scum who took over our nation in 2000 would never have been able to trick the American people into war for Israe-oil.
We need not only a loyal American federal government, which John McNasty and Sarah Payola do not represent, we need to flush out Bolshevik Jew propagandists in our news media.

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