Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Why Is The US House Off Till Thursday To Celebrate The Jewish New Year?

from Gregg Bacon's blog...

That's what I found out this morning when calling my rep to voice disapproval of her voting for the No Banker Left Behind Act.

The US House was off till Thursday to celebrate the Jewish New Year.

All of that wailing, moaning and gnashing of teeth the last few days about how we needed to pass the No Banker Left Behind Act or else the whole damned mess will crumble before our eyes and now they find time to celebrate Rosh Hasanah?


No wonder they tried mightily to push thru that abonimation yesterday, their Zhid Masters were telling those GOY to get in line and push thru that bill or else!

The celebratory fun that will be honored for the BRIS of the American taxpayer's wallet will have to wait until after the Rabbis give the House their blessing.

I asked the person taking the call if the Jewish New Year was a national holiday and was told no, but the House takes time off for that Zionist manifestation.

Any doubt as to who really controls the US House should be put to rest.

Hell, I thought the traditional way the Jews celebrated a High Holy Day was to sic Israel on a neighboring country and blow some civilians to hell and gone.

Maybe they decided that blowing to hell and gone Wall Street would do in place of murdering some Arabs and Muslims.

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