Saturday, November 08, 2008

Yes We Did!!!! So Now What? And Will MSNBC Pivot From Cheerleaders To Journalists?

Ok, lets start off with the cheerleaders. Keith Olberman, Rachel Maddow PLEASE stop fawning. Now that we got him in office i would really prefer you went all Sean Hannity on the guy (sans the crazy) than continue to fawn and swoon over our soon to be highest ranking public servant. I really appreciate the fact that you lent full throated support for the obviously smartest, coolest candidate, the idea guy, but the election is over. Chris Matthews i expect will continue to over-compensate (bless his political heart), like he did the day after the PA Dem primary, when he began selling soft soap for Clinton after she won that state, where he is angling for a whack at Arlen Specter's senate seat.
What i really want to know is...Is Rahm Emanuel one of those shithead neo-con Zionist psychos?
The Clinton cabinet pedigree could suggest as much, as well as his supposed arm-twisting to jam thru NAFTA. Will we suddenly begin hearing softer notes regarding Columbia? What are we in for?
I am apprehensive, i wish we could just get on with it so i can see what the Obama dividend looks like.

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