Sunday, October 26, 2008

I Voted For Barack H. Obama For President, And Here's Why

Originally posted at WUFYS

Truth be told, i was clueless about Zionism before the start of the 2008 presidential campaign. Judging from a lot of the reaction i have recieved from my internet ravings there are not many people who fell down the same rabbit hole as me.

I dont know if i have ever written about it here at WUFYS, but it was Obama's long time pastor, and the attendant media outrage over his statements condemning Zionism that opened my eyes to the topic.

Specifically, MSNBC's own Joe Scarborough absolutely in a lather, calling Wright a racist and anti-semite for his condemnation of apartheid Israel and Zionism at large.

Well jeez, everyone wants a place to live right? None of it made any could Wright be construed as a racist for his condemnation of what i vaguely understood to be some sort of political ideology?

Well, i do not share the incuriousity programmed in to so many of my fellow citizens, and felt compelled to look into it myself And i learned...

I learned everything...EVERYFUCKINGTHING..

PNAC, Strauss, Irgun, the second seige of Hapsburg, WWI, WWII, pogroms, Hitler, false flag terror, the Fed, IMF, NAACP, Cato, CFR, DLC, AEI, LGF, AshkiNAZI's, Switzerland, the caucus regions politics, perception management, Hegel, Machiavelli, the DNC and RNC, Zionist occupation, propaganda, trolls, lashon hara, the Talmud vs Torah, Orthodox Catholicism, Jewish racism...etc etc etc...

All this i learned while looking into why the MSM was trying to use the good Reverend Jerimiah Wright to take down the Obama campaign.

This is not the be-all and end-all of why i support Obama, but the points are relevant to a topic frequently addressed here at WUFYS. Maybe i will expand on this topic in another post, but for now, let me just say...

My ballot has been cast for Barack H. Obama for the next president of the United States of America.

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  1. Voting for Obama because you're against zionists, huh.

    Ever hear of Rahm Emanuel, David Axelrod, genius? I.e., the men who made Obama?

    Even better, do a search for "Obama Chicago Jews" and see the names of the Zionist/Marxist Jews who groomed Obama all the way from Harvard to be their 'golden negro.'