Monday, October 20, 2008

John McCain Has No Clue About The Effect Of Tax Policy On Small Business

The whole argument being bandied about as a result of Mr. Clean asking Obama a hypothetical question about capitol gains taxes is such a load of crap. The question itself displayed a clear lack of understanding on the topic by Mr. Wurzelbacher. I have been in residential construction over 20 years, and to my knowledge i have yet to meet an independant plumbing contractor who pulled down 250k a year. That's over $4800.00 per week profit before you hit the proposed new capitol gains tax rate. Thats after you subtract your own damn salary too. Cost of doin biz... Most contractors draw a salary from their company. I had myself on a salary when i was contracting, i have an idea of how this deal works, and apparantly more of a clue than either McCain, Palin or 'Joe the plumber'...McNasty and Palin going so far as to say employers are going to have to fire people as a result...complete nonsense agitprop.
It is my fondest wish they get soundly trounced November 4th.

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