Thursday, October 16, 2008

My Thoughts On The Third Obama vs. McCain Debate

The contrast couldn't have more stark. The closest comparison i can think of would be if i was debating the meth dealing roofer down the street. Barack Obama is the first presidential contender of my lifetime who may actually even be smarter than me. How can you not respect that? And, his campaign is run by uber diciplined magic ninjas, pretty impressive stuff...
The most striking moment for me, the one that showed the broad ideological divide between the two candidates in sharpest detail, was when John McCain tried to use Obama's condemnation of CAFTA (which he called the Columbia free trade agreement) against him.
Obama's response? Left to the body, and a right cross, right on the button. Turns out Obama isnt fond of the rightwing death squads killing labor organizers opposed to fascist Alvaro Uribe. Now, i will grant you that 'labor organizers' have a mixed historical record, but we are talking about peasants here fighting imperialism, indigenous peoples seeking a little fairness and self determination, being killed by fascist death squads, not a good environment for a free trade agreement.
The ideological divide between what the two candidates is broad and vast, McCain is truly more of the same screwing we have been getting. At home, and abroad...

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  1. McCain on FOX: "Lose the debates - does not lose the election!" Watch interview here: