Saturday, October 18, 2008

'Joo Hate' Website Disappearance Coincides With Al Qaeda's

The longer i live the more skeptical i get. When i saw the MSM reports of Al Qaeda websites suddenly disappearing my thoughts immediately went to the post by QRSWAVE....

What's Up with Judicial-Inc.Biz?

The site's recent disappearance wasnt the first thing to prompt me to ask that question. While a good slice of the content was well sourced, and exposed Zionist criminal activity, it also had a generous slice of just plain crap, a mixed bag of race hate, bogus intel and perception management pieces.

The story given for the site's removal simply does not wash. Folks at WUFYS post material at least as vitriolic, In addition, i believe a good deal of the intel posted there is quite often better than what was posted on Judicial.

Majority of al-Qaida Web sites disabled

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, Oct. 18 (UPI) -- Al-Qaida's Web presence has been greatly diminished as unidentified hackers have shut down four of its five main sites, analysts said in Dubai.

The online forums had frequently been used by the Islamist terrorist group to distribute statements from leader Osama bin Laden and to link members, but since being disabled Sept. 10, have not reappeared, The Washington Post (NYSE:WPO) reported Saturday.

Now, i may be wrong, it wouldnt be the first time. I just wonder about such things....

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