Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Jewish American Traitors Manipulate Digg On Behalf Of Israeli Interests

I ran across a link to a blog post while manipulating Digg on behalf of the Ron Paul campaign, dated July 4th 2007 entitled ‘Ron Paul Morons Manipulating Digg’
Now here’s the irony of this whole thing. This ‘Jammie’ blog as far as I can tell is a Zionist rats nest created to post misinformation such as the nonsense referenced by the above title. The hypocracy is staggering.
The source of the bias is clear to those who have researched the topic, and if not I recommend reading up on ‘Little Green Footballs’, and ‘Pajamas Media’.Little Green Footballs is an anti-American radical Zionist Jew racist hate site, and Pajamas Media is a spin-off media organization.
Pajamas Media Board members include many prominent bloggers and journalists, including "Instapundit" Glenn Reynolds, CNBC's Larry Kudlow, Michael Barone of U.S. News & World Report, David Corn of The Nation and Claudia Rosett (who helped break the United Nations' "Oil for Food" controversy).
Now postulating that regular Americans, with no regular cable TV shows, or columns in major national publications are somehow guilty of somehow attempting to manipulate public opinion by actively participating in Digg and posting up articles that address issues about which they are passionate is the height of insincerity. Especially considering the anti-American agenda of the Zionist ‘Little Green Football’ lizards. (lizards, a term of derision used to refer to Zionists, which they have oddly embraced as their own)
American and foreign Zionists aggressively and actively work, in concert, to manipulate public opinion through the internet, using a wide variety of largely dishonest methods, as their true agenda real patriot Americans would find antithetical. So, these people with national media connections neither you nor I share accuse regular Americans of doing what they are in fact guilty of. It is such a concerted movement they actually use special internet applications designed to help artificially shape public perception by artificially elevating their treasonous perspectives. An example of one method they use is referenced by a previous post: http://shootingsparks.blogspot.com/2008/05/those-pesky-trolls-infesting-obama.html
So, my intent in this post is to have a counterbalance from a patriot who cares about America to add balance to the discord and nonsense created by blog posts like the Ron Paul hit piece.
Don’t Tread On Me



  1. Ah, yes. It's always good to see the evidence that the Klan is alive and well and blaming everything on Teh Jews.

  2. What a fucking MAROON you are !!!

    Must have sucked to be you way earlier than yesterday when the vast Zionist conspiracy caught up with you, huh? Small-dicked anti-semite failure at everything

    You finally got to be a BIG TIME web-presence, didn't you, Sparky????

  3. So, they booted your ass from the "Half-Assed Baying at the Moon" site, huh????

    Poor BABY, if it weren't for those Zionist anti-RonPaul-istas you could really BE somebody, huh Pinhead ???? WRONG, if you were the last man on earth and there were women left, you would STILL not be the best man around.

  4. Eff off and die, Nazi filth.

  5. Nicely stated. U.S. public opinion is the result of one of the most effective foreign PSYOPS campaigns ever. The other responses to your post are just additional evidence of the methods used by the Israeli lobbiests. That fact that the Israeli supporters typically resort to the propaganda technique of demonization or ad hominem attacks indicates they do not have valid arguments to defend their methods and agenda. When the terms antisemite, Nazi, or Holocaust are hauled into a conversion it is obvious that the Israeli supporter lost the debate and are resorting to unethical manipulation.