Saturday, May 31, 2008

Father Michael Pfleger, Spot On About Clinton & Funny As Hell

The first time i say this video i couldnt hold back a little chuckle, on the 4th viewing, with crypto-Zionist Sean Hannity shrilly wailing about it I was practically rolling on the floor laughing out loud. With the Zio-Cons making a wild fuss over their chosen one Hitlery seeming to fade into irrelevance, with nobody hoping or any longer holding out hope(and a hidden dagger) for a VP slot for her, the noise and outrage the CFR controlled MSM is trying to manufacture over Father Michael Pfleger and pin on Barack Obama is have to catch some Fox "news" coverage of this story, totally i write this Laura Ingram is on Bill OReally telling folks not to buy Scott Mclellan's book...funny as hell.. and so is this video, and dead on the mark as well..see for your self.

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