Saturday, May 31, 2008

Harold Ickies Fails Hillary Clinton At DNC Delegate Brewhaha

Looking whipped, Harold Ickies made a last desperate attempt to award the entire state of Michigan to Hillary Clinton. Ickies, who helped set the rules that stripped FL and MI of their delegates to begin with comes off looking petulant and whiney, even going so far as to try and bully the vote suggesting a challenge at the credentials committee in Denver. Ultimately, he was soundly rebuked, loosing the vote 16-8 in favor of a delegate split that gave only a slight, and ultimately meaningless lead in MI and FL to Clinton, given Obama's current overall lead and expected victories in the upcoming races.


  1. are you kidding? this is 2000 recount florida all over again...there were then, and are now, so many twists, misinterpretations of the facts, and media bias, that many of us encourage Clinton to continue to explore her options...the Clintons have been through many tough uphill battles and have prevailed...even if nomination is stolen from her, she will emerge the moral did Al Gore in 2000!

  2. I am so disappointed in the DNC. I'm 61 and have always voted Democrat. I am not only disappointed, I am disgusted at the way Howard Dean and Nancy Peloci in their push to crush Hillary by ending the primary before the convention. I have always admired Donna Shelala, but I'm very disappointed in not standing up for Hillary.

    It has been a sad weekend. My trust in my party is gone.

  3. Voters denied "the franchise" ????

    Games played to deny honest people their say????

    Can you say "absentee ballots from overseas military in the 2000 POTUS election"??????

    Welcome to the world that YOU Dems created.