Sunday, May 04, 2008

“The Fierce Urgency Of Now” Meets "The Revolution"

I received an email, a post with a link to a video Wolf Blitzer interviewing Congressman Ron Paul, who is promoting his new book, ‘The Revolution-A Manifesto’. In this interview Mr. Paul gave a ‘least evil of the three’ nod to Senator Obama. While it may seem inconsequential to some Obama supporters I believe it to be hugely significant.
While we all watch as the CFR controlled national media try and flip the course of the democratic primary, what we aren’t being shown is the other half of the revolution. Really the only time the national media picked up on Paul’s campaign was the day he raised 4 million on-line, which was unheard of at the time, only a few months ago.
Well, guess what, Ron Paul is still a candidate for the republican nomination. If you dig for the news stories there are reports of Paul’s supporters completely overwhelming TX and NV repub caucuses. Nary a peep that Paul even exists as far as the MSM is concerned when it comes to his campaign. His supporters are literally taking back large swaths of America, putting up candidates for local office, marching, fighting the power…they are a formidable bunch, and our closest allies. As far as the national media is concerned he doesn’t have a campaign, but what he has inspired is a real passion to return America to a constitutional democracy, and I mean a fierce passion, in a large and fast growing group of patriotic Americans. I believe that the millions of Paul supporters will eventually help drive the Obama campaign to victory, as his supporters understand probably better than most what is meant by “The Fierce Urgency Of Now”


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