Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Why New Yorkers Should Recall Senator Hillary Clinton From Office

I read the headline for WaPo's E.J. Dionne's post "Post-Crucible Clinton" and the front page headline that reads: Alienate or Bust
Dionne: Clinton can keep fighting, or she can become a powerful figure within her party. She cannot do both.
I didnt bother to read the article. Straussian nonsense i am sure. I know all i need to about Hillary Clinton, and some WaPo wonk cant spin away reality that easily.
The notion that Hillary Clinton should emerge with greater stature from this campaign than she started with is ridiculous The good citizens of New York ought to band together and petition to recall her from her senate seat. She is unfit for public office. She is a proven liar and panderer, and not just on the small stuff, she lies BIG...i never believed her for a second about CAFTA, as though her making up a story about dodging sniper fire wasn't bad enough.(which it is)Then there has been her race-baiting the whole campaign..Bill and Hillary are a national disgrace. While i could dissect point by point the specific reasons, we have all been watching this campaign. I am not inclined to accept Hillary's willful deceptions as "noble lies" for the greater good, all just part of politics. I expect better, in fact i demand better. We the people got into this mess we are in due to lack of diligence, not paying close enough attention, or allowed ourselves to be lulled to sleep b the television, but we can not afford to be disengaged any longer.
Shrillary ought to be sent packing...if she somehow manages to retain a seat in public office it will be tragic.

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