Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Lieberman Effect, Protecting WWII Revisionism - Censorship Hits YouTube

My exploration into the topic of Zionism, prompted by the media's outcry about Rev. Wright, condemning him as a racist over his comments condemning Zionism, led me to a set of posts thoughtfully exploring Zionist influences shaping the events during WWII, and American and international Zionist collaboration with Adolf Hitler leading up to and during WWII. Also, this person assembled little think pieces exposing modern crypto-zionist neo-nazis. Very well crafted, with good music tracks laid over the video pieces assembled by this YouTube poster who used the handle "KosherNazis"...
Well, "this users account has been suspended" is what you will find now if you go to YouTube to get a peek now.
Is not this the rottenest pile of shit you have ever heard in your life? This happening in the same week as the report is still floating in the news that Lieberman still plans on going partying with Zio-psycho Ron Hagee who said it was God who sent Hitler, and not really some psycho Zionist bankers.... No, this aint right at all i say...

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