Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Hillary Clinton Energy Independence Plan? Corporate Welfare, American Slavery

Bill Clinton doesn’t get it. I saw a short clip of him on the stump blathering on about his family freakshow… He was lying to the American people, trying to rally the people behind his notion that a massive federal investment to rebuild the national energy grid is the path to energy independence. Talk about polishing a turd, or advancing a fraud, or however you want to put it. What Bill Clinton is describing is an investment in fascism. If the federal government has a role in this, if anything it ought to be in the realm of encouraging investment in residential photo-voltaic systems, and regulations requiring utility companies upgrade their equipment to facilitate citizens being able to sell back to the grid surplus energy generated during peak hours, not worrying about a giant national energy grid to provide transmission lines to giant oil pirate corporation owned wind farms. Just hearing the suggestion made me want to hurl my coffee cup at my TV, but then I wouldn’t be able to keep up with what the enemies of independence are up to…
Just another reason why fascist Hillary Clinton shouldn’t ever have the executive pen in her hand.

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